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Sparkle Box is a monthly subscription jewelry box. Receive 1-2 pieces of stylish jewelry to keep each month for $19.

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Sparkle Box has cancelled and is no longer available.
on 5/30/2016
Romeo face 2014
I love this subscription. I get 2 boxes each month, one for me and one that my daughters share. On mine, they rotate the style each month, my daughters get the Sparkle Girl box. Between the three of us, we have loved everything we have received! Shannon, the owner, is fantastic. I have emailed her on several occasions and she is the BEST.
on 6/22/2015
I must share this information. I love this box better than wantables accessories box. I chose the subtle jewelry with sparkle and they got it right with every sing piece I received. The cost is only $19 and it is so much better than other subscription I have tried. I was ordering beauty box joy and bonjour jolie as well for teh jewelry but from now I am going to stay with sparklebox. They got it right and the presentation is beautiful. I received a lovely box with a two bows and a handwritten letter. Then a letter detailing each piece I received and who to wear them. They have me sold.
on 4/13/2015