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Spangler Science Club sends over a dozen science experiments in a box every month. Perfect for kids in grades K-6. Free shipping. Subscription members also receive 10% off every purchase at while enrolled.

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May 30, 2020
VERY disappointed in this Spangler Science club!!! *** PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING*** I dont see any other place on your website or Facebook page to write a ill just post this wherever I can find a place to make my voice heard, on websites, subscription review sites ect..... First off, the subscription boxes are NOT WORTH THE MONEY! The items inside are cheap, they are all made in china and the experiments themselves are REALLY not very interesting at all. "Make a "Vacuum" from a drinking straw?" BORING!!!!! The items inside each box were not even complete, each month we had to source our our supplies for MANY of the experiments!!!!!! At BEST the experiments were "fancy tricks" and "toys/games" and my children didnt really learn any cool science at all through these 6 months. FURTHERMORE, we signed up the kids for a Christmas gift for 6 months, as a gift from their grandfather and aunts. It was expensive, over $200 for 6 boxes......NOW, a whole MONTH prior to the end of the subscription they have automatically charged our credit card, which we DESPERATELY can NOT afford at this time (especially due to the COVID19 crisis). THIS SUBSCRIPTION IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!!! Trust me, I am a math teacher for over 10 years and I know what quality looks like when I get it, and this ISN'T IT!!!!
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