Southern Lilly Lady Treasure Box
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Southern Lilly Lady Treasure Box


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Perfect for every girl, join in on the fun with Southern Lilly Lady's bi-monthly Treasure Boxes. Each box contains a surprise of southern lifestyle gifts and accessories that are hand selected for you. Learn about exciting new products and companies all while enhancing your style. Perfect for gifting!

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This was the most disappointing subscription box I have received. There was no explanation as to what anything was...It included: 1) a vinyl elephant that I think you are suppose to press on a shirt? but there were no instructions 2) cheap earrings and a necklace 3) something made of crochet there is no rhyme or reason and only 3 things included in the box. I am canceling and would NOT recommend also I never knew if it shipped or not...and never heard back from customer service when I inquired about it
on 9/28/2015