Social Bliss Style Box
This subscription box is no longer active

Social Bliss Style Box


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The Social Bliss Style Box will include $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

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i got my may right away. bag quality, but cute purse. 1 amethyst necklace i wear all the time and another yucky cheap ring and necklace. maybe next month will be better. their site says it comes at the end of the month,
on 6/8/2015
I purchased a three month subscription over a month ago, I have not heard anything response from them. I was just told by someone on facebook, that they closed down. So, I lost $142!!! This sucks.
on 5/6/2015
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Very low quality sub you get about 15 dollars of stuff that you could get in dollar store . I tried the sub for 3 months. They also have no customer servicme and do not answer mail sent to them. In order to cancel sub needed to contact credit card company
on 7/25/2014
Lizh %282%29 %28259x414%29
I'm in love with this box, too! I've received 3 boxes and just love and use everything in it!
on 6/11/2014
Icrc h30 400x400
I was taking a chance with this box because it's a pricier subscription and there aren't as many reviews posted. The purse was lovely; vegan faux leather and nice quality. Of course they market it as being $100+ but it's the sort of thing I would envision paying $40 for at most. They included a mini mascara, a nail gem kit (which seemed more trashy than classy) missing any glue, and a little plastic mirrored compact. And then they had earrings with Swarovski crystals. They were classy and cute. These were supposed to be one of the two big ticket items (they priced them at $50). In reality these are something you should be able to buy at the mall for $5. On one of my earrings the plating on the piece you insert into your ear had completely worn off and was raining down silvery flakes every time I picked it up. If I only had the undamaged earring then I would have picked it up and assumed it might be worth what was advertised, but the fact that they had plated the post that you insert into your ear and done it so cheaply that it flaked off easily made me lose all faith in the value of this box. I'm sorry. If you don't mind paying $50 for a really cute (and nice) purse then go for it, but those extras are just extras of questionable quality and curation. Spend your $50 at Quarterly. Spend it at PopSugar Must Have. Spend it somewhere else.
on 4/24/2014
Just got my first one today and I must say, I'm already in love with this subscription.
on 4/24/2014