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SnackNation is an award-winning healthier snack delivery service that makes it “auto-pilot easy” to discover new, exciting, all-natural snacks every month. Each month, SnackNation snack experts meticulously select 6 snacks ($9.99/month) or 15 snacks ($24.99/month) out of hundreds of brands competing to be in the box. For every box delivered to your door, SnackNation donates a meal on your behalf to a hungry family.

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I've subbed for two months and I consider myself a picky eater. I've been looking for healthier options for snacks but like the other reviews said, the food really isn't that good. Healthy? Yes, but not tasty. I have found 3 or 4 favorites I LOVE and plan on buying more of but I can't find them anywhere, even in the Snack Nation shop. However, the rest of the food isn't very appetizing and I literally took one bite of somethings I thought I'd like and ended up spitting it out. It's better than Love with Food though, all of their food (I subbed for 6 months) was nasty. I only ever found one thing I liked there and at least with Snack Nation they send a semi-variety. However, I wish there was a way to pick some food preferences because half their stuff was peanut butter or quinoa which I don't eat so I put those items up for swap. It's a great value if you love any food.
on 4/6/2017
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I don't know if I have ever deal with a more unprofessional and rude company in my life. I would not do business with this company. I would not work for this company. I recommend that you steer clear of these amateurs.
on 3/24/2017
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Not a fan of Snacknation AT ALL. I subscribe to Nature Box as well, and it is awesome. Snacknation's food generally tastes terrible. A vast majority of it tastes like it has been sitting around for years in a dank basement before they sent it out. The ingredients are not quality, and the combination of flavors in the snacks is disgusting. If you are looking for healthy but great tasting snacks, NatureBox is so so so much better.
on 12/21/2016
SnackNation is terrific! Everyone at my office loves that products and service -- they're significantly better than what we had previously.
on 4/13/2015
We just got SnackNation and it's the bomb. At first I thought the healthy products were going to taste like cardboard, but after trying some of the items, they actually tasted BETTER than the junk food we have in the office!
on 4/9/2015
SnackNation is AH-MAZING! We have it ay my office & I love having healthy snack options. Most of all I like that we get a variety and different options to choose from each time vs. having the same ol' stuff every single month.
on 4/9/2015