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"Our team of snack experts scour the globe for the most interesting snacks. SnackCrate provides a snapshot of a different country every month."

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Missy headshot 001
This is one of my favorite sub boxes! So many fun treats to try with my kids and learn about other cultures.
on 8/10/2018
Snack Crate is a really great box, and it is so easy to get some customer service, they even have an IM option on their website. You can "pause" easily, and it's cheaper if you sign up for longer terms. For instance, the premium box with no drink is $49.00 month to month, but if you sign up for 12 months, you can get the premium box with a drink upgrade for $46 a month or $41 a month with no upgrade! Plus their new Golden Ticket feature is so awesome! I am a Premium crate subscriber and it is SO WORTH IT.
on 2/28/2018