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Oct 31, 2019
I had to cancel my credit card to cancel the subscription, it was that bad. I can’t say the projects were terrible, but some were above my skill level with lots of drawing necessary. Which is my fault. Fortunately, I discovered that templates took the place of my poor drawing and I actually have a pretty piece of art through them. I also like the little bit of art history you got with the project. If I could have put on hold I might have it again, but communicating was so frustrating I gave up. I’d say that with all the art kits now, you should find more one suited to your skill level, and whatever you do, use a credit card just for things like this so when it goes bad you can easily cancel. It’s a shame it came to that, but they just would not respond to my inquiries. FYI: I cancelled a year ago so hoping they’ve changed. I believe they were knew when I started and had a lot to fix. Whether they ever did or not....well, it’s your money.
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Sep 5, 2018
Steer clear of this company, they are complete crooks. I subscribed to this box for the last couple of months, the first box was pretty good, but definitely borderline in value to what you pay. I think that was the teaser box because from there the quality went significantly down hill. I would say you don't even get product worth half of what you pay and that is based on my looking up the products at full retail cost. Check online there's all kinds of videos of people talking about how cheap the boxes are. Even worse is the fact that when you try to cancel they scam you there as well. I canceled via email ( they do not provide any online cancellation), I got an email back immediately telling me they would process it and with a long story about how they work really hard to provide value etc. Then comes the next month and sure enough I get another box, I contact the company and they respond that they will go ahead and process my cancellation now but that they have a strict no refund policy despite the fact that I already have an email saying they were processing my cancellation. I contacted them a week before they charged my account for the next box and nearly a month before they actually shipped my next box. Yes, they charge you a month in advance and then use your money to actually buy the product, that also should tell you something about the state of the company. So basically they feel they can charge you whatever they want for how long they want and just tell you " sorry we have a no refunds no returns policy". Well A no refund policy doesn't allow them to process fraudulent charges, I am on hold with my bank right now filing a fraudulent charge claim and putting a block on any future charges . Steer clear of this one!