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"Going clean doesn’t have to mean limiting your options. Get a new scent each month and mix up your scent style with members-only perfumes perfect for your vibe of the month."

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I've been a member of the scent club since it began in late March /April 2019. I love getting a new limited edition scent each month. The first scent (Magic Bloom) is still my #1 favorite, but they have had several scents that I love. If you love a scent, you can request another rollie (permitted they still have it in stock), so I have stocked up with multiple rollies of several monthly scents. Also, if the monthly scent isn't to your liking, you can return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange it for a scent more to your liking. You can also skip or swap the monthly scents ahead of time if you know you won't like what's coming up the next month. Their customer service is phenomenal!! Plus, you can add items for their full-time lineup to your monthly box and get a 10% discount.
on 12/4/2019