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SketchBox delivers premium art supplies monthly right to your doorstep along with a unique piece of art to help inspire you. They feature a new artist every month and encourage you to share your art with the world. What would you make if art supplies were delivered to you every month?

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Have been trying to get in touch with customer service for 3 days with no response.
on 10/12/2018
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I have to say how disappointed l am with Sketchbox. Like some other artists, l felt there wasn't enough value for the price. I signed up for a 3 month Premium membership, and when l cancelled my subscription, they sent me another box and charged me another $115 for a 3 month subscription!!! I was very upset about this, and the unhelpful Customer Service was pretty much: 'Too bad. You cancelled 3 days too late according to our policy. You have to purchase the box we sent you (which hasn't arrived yet) and you can't return it. We'll refund you for 2 boxes only.' Buyer be VERY aware: Once sketchbox has your credit card details they don't want to lose your business and will make you jump through hoops to return any money. For a box with mediocre art supplies in it, it's not worth the hassle!
on 8/27/2018
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We subscribe to the Premium box, a little bit more expensive but some nice products.
on 7/29/2018
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Excellent curation, good service. Unfortunately had to unsubscribe, just too expensive with shipping to Australia.
on 10/4/2016