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Skate Box your one stop subscription box for all your skateboarding needs.Get new skateboard products from leading brands sent right to your door. 6-10 products in each box. Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings & more! Subscribe monthly or bi-monthly.

Shipping: $5.00 to the US, $15 to Canada, $25 to Australia, $35 to Sweden and Norway

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Seriously the most unprofessional company I have ever experienced. I live in Australia. They never sent me out the first order they billed me for, the second order they claimed to have sent but never received and was only refunded for the first month. They took weeks to reply and they only replied with 'your subscription has been cancelled'.... after i asked for any information on my orders. Support your local skate shops and distributors. At least you will get what you pay for... Stay away
on 2/16/2017
Fishing trip 01
Sons a big fan of loot crate so i thought id get him into another subscription box. This company is a much younger brand, but their products are up to par. Super great deals, lots of gear. My son loves skateboarding so i couldn't resist. Well worth the price.
on 4/13/2016
Zas western addition decks
Sick boxes!!! Got Royal trucks in my first box. Low prices too!
on 4/13/2016
Box design 2
When i first saw their commercial i thought it was too good to be true. $35 for 6 products is a pretty sweet deal. All $35 gets me at my local skate shop is wheels or a shirt. I decided to have my mom get it for me instead of spending my own money on the first box ;) lol. Well worth it!! Ive been subscribed for four months now, and ive gotten everything from apparel to decks,bearings and wheels!! Super Sick company!! I would recommend them any day!
on 4/13/2016