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Subscription box designed exclusively for fabulous single women that features 5-7 full-size products each month.

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Used to love my subscription, but it’s going downhill fast. Why would they do that when we pay the same price? Jewelry looks cheaper, and they send less make-up than they used to. When I first started receiving this product It genuinely felt like a gift to myself each month. Now I’m just disappointed each time. I am lucky if I use one item. Truly bummed.
on 7/3/2019
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Started with a 6 month subscription and will definately resubscribe! I use probably 90% of what they send (share the rest with friends) and have found some favorite products through other companies. Love the discount they give for those other companies too! You won’t be disappointed.
on 5/19/2019
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This is a great find - I gifted a subscription to my mom for Easter. The first box arrived so quickly that I hadn't had a chance to tell her about it! She is SO pleased with what was in the box - I checked it out for myself….This one is definitely worth it
on 5/19/2019
I had been canceling my subscription for about two months and I am pretty sure I cancelled it completely. But anyway, they charged me for the April box and I messaged them and explained to them my situation (went into a depression because of an abusuve ex). They gave me $12 back out of $40 and I begged them to please give me back all my money because it was the only money I had because I’ve been out of a job for this. They didn’t even reply. The same thing happened to me with TheraBox and they were so sweet and responsive. I understand that there a rules to follow, but they really messed with my livelihood and couldn’t even respond to apologize. I am very hurt and although I was planning on renewing when I was more financially stable, I refuse to now because of this. Also, product is terrible.
on 3/22/2019
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DON'T SUBSCRIBE!!! The first few boxes may be worth it but then they start to go down hill. You can push your autoshipments but that's if the date that you agreed upon doesn't change by their hand and they bill you 7days sooner than they should've. Mine was the 20th, they would bill anywhere from the 13th to the 20th. I canceled my membership on the 16th, they billed me on the 19th. Even with the proof that I elected to push my next shipment on the 12th for my october box, proof that I canceled my account on the 16th, I get this: Unless otherwise marked by the subscriber, all of our subscriptions auto renew. As per the information on our website, we cannot process refund requests for cancellations received after the 15th of the month. When any subscription is renewed after the 15th of each month, there is a simultaneous order placed for the products we will include in the next month's box. We are planning to ship our next box by the end of the month. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy the box(es) that you will receive. Before we cancel we would be happy to offer you a 40% discount off the November box, if interested. Let us know. Brierly They must not read their customers account before replying. What makes me laugh with anger and disbelief, this Brierly is the one who supposedly canceled my account! FYI there's no number to call, only email and they take their time. Learn from my experience, save yourself the hassle and DON'T SIGN UP!!!
on 9/21/2018
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Dishonest and money making. Products not worth stated price. Asked for box to be cancelled but they keep taking money out of my account. I had to cancel my card! Will not refund by any means.
on 6/21/2018
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Have been getting a SinglesSwag box for about 5 months. Look forward to the delivery each month. Love the products - always something new to try out - and something yummy to eat. There was a missing product in my last box and their customer service team responded to my email within a few hours and I had the missing product within a week. Sent for a few gifts - recipients just as happy as I've been with the box!
on 5/18/2018
These guys are just fantastic. I love the curation, it feels very thoughtful and there's a good, fun mix of beauty and lifestyle products. I've discovered some great new brands that will now most certainly be on my "regular" shopping list. When I have had to contact their customer service team (not for any problems with the box, but for delivery problems with USPS), the team responded quickly and were brilliant at helping me get it sorted. I've had three boxes so far and there hasn't been a single item that I haven't enjoyed and used--I particularly like that books get included every now and then as I wouldn't ever subscribe to a book subscription, but it is a really lovely treat to get a surprise read.
on 4/11/2018
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I just received my SinglesSwag box for February. I'm not completely sold on the $40 value yet, though other months I saw I felt were well worth the $40... I think maybe this month wasn't my month. However, that being said I still enjoyed the box. I enjoy that it's geared toward singles, and I love the inspirational messages on the instagram. This month I received Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me - Love this book it is hilarious and she's disgusting. I ate the cookie while I was unpacking the box and I love sweet stuff. I used the mask in a hot bath while reading the book and it definitely left my skin soft. I haven't used the Ice Water Eyes yet, but I love receiving high end spa/beauty items... those are the winners for me. I don't really wear headbands but I can't deny that this is a well made piece, it's adjustable and really doesn't move... I think I will wear it. I wasn't too jazzed about the makeup pouch, though I did need a bigger one and I am using it so... and I like the pin. I don't really wear pins but I love the message and I'm putting the pin on a bag I carry. So. I paid for an annual subscription and I'm going to stick it out. I know what they're capable of... and I don't really think this was a bad month, but for me value-wise there's no way I would go anywhere and come out with these items having spent $40.
on 2/10/2017
I have to say that this is the best subscription that I have ever signed up for. I love the concept of it and loved my first box! It was filled with so many amazing things, simple things that made me so happy. This was by far the best decision I have made to treat myself to a little something every month. I would definitely recommend single women to sign up for a monthly subscription. You will not regret it!
on 5/22/2016