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"A subscription box service providing creatives with a mystery box of premium art supplies every month. Inspiring artists of all levels and abilities, with a monthly selection of creative tools and inspiration. Each month you'll get a carefully curated selection of around 6 premium art supplies. The drawing tools sent are guaranteed to be higher value than the price of the box meaning every month you get more pens for your money! Each month the boxes will contain a different collection of drawing tools. A selection of mediums and colours that can be used individually or all together to produce your next masterpiece."

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August 30, 2019
I just received my first scrawlrbox, and I love it! The contents inside are definitely worth my extra shipping to the US. I cancelled my other art subscription box to try this out. I think I will have to budget to keep trying others and keeping this one! The only thing I wish I had is a tracking number. I pay on the first but it takes damn near a month to get to me. It would be nice to make sure I can keep track of it in between shipping and arrival.
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June 15, 2017
I've been subscribing to this UK art box for over a year. Great quality products! I'm mainly a fan of adult coloring and most of what's included can be used that way. The other items are more for hard core artists but I enjoy toying with them too. I've received very few items in over a year that I would not be able to use. They always stick a little "sweetie" in the box too. It's fun to get candy from the UK that we don't have here. All items are full sized. I also subscribe to FabFitFun (used to get Birchbox but hated all the dinky little packets/samples) and mostly give that box a 2 thumbs up (I know it's not the same genre at all) but I really think Scrawler Box is a great bang for your buck if you're leaning into art or enjoy coloring.
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