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Saffron is a subscription box company specializing in skin healing remedies. We have soaps for different skin types that apply to men, women, and children. We offer three different sized boxes and will be adding other types of products in the coming months (moisturizers, lip balms, body butter, etc.). We have a flat-rate shipping of $2.99 in the USA.

September 20, 2016
I received 2 soaps for this subscription in my first month. One was a charcoal soap which I don't doubt is a great soap. The other one was a scented handmade one. Overall, I didn't feel like $17 was worth it for 2 bars of soap. I've purchased French triple-milled soap in the past for around $5-$7 which I think is at least better than the scented one that I received. The photos are deceiving since it looks like there are around 3-4 bars of soap in the photos, so I didn't realize it was only 2. I wouldn't purchase this again, no matter how good the charcoal soap is going to be.
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