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Rx Vintage is a new clothing and accessories subscription service for women. Each month stylists will pick out vintage clothing and accessories for you based on your style profile and size! $29 a month for 1 item, $49 a month for 2 items, $99 a month for 4-5 items

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I wanted to love this subscription forever!!! Vintage is a tough fashion category. I received the 4-5 items for $99 a month (does NOT include shipping) for about 6 months. Of all the clothes I received in that time, I have regularly worn about 6 pieces. The rest just missed the mark. Unfortunately, Rx Vintage is a love it all or leave it all service. If you LOVE one piece but nothing else in the package, you have to choose to let that piece go and send it back with the rest of the order or keep the entire package. One really great thing about this service is that it is very detailed and personalized. Each package I received came with a hand written note from a stylist, and style suggestion sheets for each individual piece! I might try this again down the road but next time I won't be as broad with my style preferences.
on 2/20/2015