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From the minds behind the Robb Report comes a monthly subscription box aimed at satisfying your vices in a luxurious, sophisticated way:

"Robb Vices delivers a curated selection of exceptional goods that tell a story of authenticity and intrigue. Created by the publishers of Robb Report, each delivery consists of products that represent the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. In any given month you can expect unique foods to taste, spirits to fill your glass with, as well as tools and toys that empower the ultimate host and that will make the most discerning connoisseur smile. Each delivery is tied together by a common theme or story, the first story takes place in Brooklyn and the journey has just begun."

Subscribers must be 21+

Shipping: Ships to most US states.

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This company is a scam. I ordered a BOGO box from Robb Vices Reserve on May 3, 2019. Before I ordered, I spent twenty minutes on the phone with a customer services representative about where to ship my package because I wasn't sure I could be home when it was delivered. She advised me to ship it to a UPS Store, and that is what I did. I paid $25 for premium ship, which they require you to do as the only shipping option. They say they expense is to ensure that they don't break your items and is unrelated to shipping speed. Two weeks later, I still had not received a tracking number and had to ask for one. The one they sent me did not work. I told them it didn't work and that I had no idea where my package was or when it would arrive. They told me it was because I had it shipped to a UPS Store, which I couldn't do, but which they had advised me to do. I have no idea where the package is or when it will arrive. I asked if there was a chance I could still have it shipped to me if it would be delivered after 6 pm. They did not respond. At this point, it is 25 days since I ordered the items. I don't know whether I will ever see what I paid for. I asked for a refund several times, but they won't respond to my refund requests. It is a scam.
on 5/28/2019
Don't even bother with this company. I placed an order at the beginning of this month with several boxes. I am still missing boxes from my order. I have called and left several messages and no one has answered me. I was promised that ALL of my order would arrive BEFORE today. This is UNACCEPTABLE. It is now 2pm on the Friday before Christmas and I STILL do not have my complete order. I need these as gifts for a corporate event. Now I have to go purchase MORE gifts of the same value to replace the missing items in my order.
on 12/21/2018
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Watch this company. I cancelled an order and they sent it anyway and refuse to answer an email or phone call. They also support some shady businesses that brag about criminal activity which is why we cancelled this box, we are currently working to report them to the proper authoriaties since I have the email trail that clearly shows I cancelled and they know it.
on 11/29/2018
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I was planning on subscribing for a full year but I have canceled after 4 months. The customer service has been exceptionally bad and the November box a fiasco.
on 12/8/2017
With meticulously crafted presentation and expert curation, the Robb Vices box is one of the best subscription services out there. It is not only a phenomenal value but also a great way to broaden your horizons and appreciate the breadth of excellence this world has to offer.
on 8/20/2017