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Revive has built its brand on a simple centralized theme, quality clothes at an unbeatable price. We've partnered with several of the largest suppliers of gently used clothes across the country so that we can offer the selection and quality our customers expect. Revive Pak: select 4 items (2 outfits every month), Revive Bundle: select 8 items (4 outfits), Revive Crate: select 15 items (for family and yourself). Add a stylist for $5.

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September 24, 2016
This is one of the best boxes for the price. So glad I added it to my list of too many boxes. lol
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Dsc 0413
July 9, 2016
Really love this subscription! Great value for the $. Started off last month with just the bundle and coupon code for 3mo free shipping. This month I upgraded to the Crate because I wanted to share the added items with my son. He is also thrilled with his items that just arrived today. Great way to update your wardrobe, or if you are like me in the process of loosing weight and want a reasonable way to make sure my clothing fits me as I go along without totally breaking the bank. This is it. Have gotten great things so far, many name brands or things I might not have bought otherwise that look amazing on. Shipping, well... They do ship fairly quick and since they are only a few towns away(tempted to ask if I can just go pick up my boxes once I have to pay shipping) I usually get it within the same week it is ordered. Example, the boy's order went in Wens night, they shipped it Thurs and it arrived this morning. Now they do not always ship next day but out of the 4 boxes I have gotten, the max it has taken as 3 days and only because they found issues with a couple of my items and recredited me for them for more shopping fun as well as gifting me an extra credit for the hassle. Great CS so far, very receptive and quick via email or chat. This one is a keeper
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