Relish Clothing Mystery Box
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Relish Clothing Mystery Box


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In season clothing and accessories items picked for you by Relish Clothing; some from their boutique and some surprise items. $99 for 4-5 items, $149 for 6-8 items or $199 for 9-10

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11 27 09 135
This box has been cancelled for awhile now. If it pops up again, avoid.
on 11/21/2016
There has been a whitewashing of this company and it needs to stop. The only way for it to stop is for people to be honest. I ordered my box on Black Friday and it was shipped and delivered on time. BUT it was HORRIBLE! NONE of the items were remotely even close to the style profile that I left. Why spend so much time giving her details if she doesn't even bother to look at it? In my case, and in many others, the box literally felt like she just threw some pieces in the box that were the correct the size. There was NO personalization or "curation" as she claims - apparently I missed out on the "creative muse" she always talks about. The only saving grace was the FB site for trading, as I was able to sell and trade most of the items. However, I am now stuck with 2 horrible items - they will probably just go o Goodwill. Furthermore, I also priced out my items with my "luxe" items, and it did not equal the $149 for the large box I paid, that is highly annoying and very deceitful. She claims you get more for your money, and this is just not the case. Secondly, for most people, the wait time is HORRIBLE. It's now February 2016, and some ordered boxes back in September of 2015. That is just not right and quite scary. She has all of these people's money and most shipments take 6-8 weeks, at least. She could have thousands of dollars and just close shop and no one could do anything. She now offers a redo, which she did before, but conveniently stopped doing during the holidays. If you don't like the box (which you probably waited 2 months for) you can send it back for a redo, which I am assuming you will wait another 2 months for. Items that are on back-order, she has not bothered to tell her clients. A good salesperson would inform the client that it was on backorder and then offer a refund or discount. Not the case. She refuses to hire anyone else, despite getting more and more orders. It's nothing about personalization, and all about money.
on 2/6/2016
Though you may wait a bit for the one woman show that is Relish, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! If so, Harper allows returns & will knock your mystery box out of the park on her next attempt. She has a keen sense of style & knowing what you want even before you are aware of it! I've nicknamed her "How Does She Do It". Because, in fact, I'd love to know! AMAZING & Impressive!
on 10/4/2015