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Read Dog Book Lover's Box


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Read Dog Book Lover's box is a personalized subscription service for the reader in your life. After completing your reading profile, Read Dog will send you a Read Dog Books Box each month, hand-chosen for you based on your tastes and preferences. You'll also receive bookish items like teas, bookmarks, candies, and hats to suit the books and season.

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I don't think this box is worth the $31.99 price. My first box, I received a hardback of a genre I don't read. I tried reading it but couldn't get into it and gave up after 100 pages. I emailed them after the first box and asked them to send me a young adult book for my next and final box. My second box was a 8.99 softcover young adult book. There's not any real usable items in the box (tea but I don't drink it, seashells, a bingo card, a picture, charms for a bracelet or necklace without a ring to attach it to anything, and a mini bottle of bubbles). My box couldn't have cost more than $15 and they're charging double that. There are better book boxes out there. My favorite boxes are the ones that the books come signed from the authors.
on 8/3/2017
I have the YA version, and have gotten two boxes so far. The first box's book looked poor quality. It just looked unprofessionally made, like you could buy it new for $5 or something. I'm not even going to read it, I have way to many books on my to-read list to waste my time on it. It was also a softcover, which I don't mind, but the box is like a $30 box. Come on now. The second box's book was a hardcover and a good one, too. I would have been happy, but I already read it over the summer. I buy a lot of books, so if I'm going to spend $30/month on a book box, I would prefer it if they were very new/recent books, not one from 8+ months old that I have a very high chance that I've already read it. For both boxes, the extra items they give are very cheap, a lot of them look home-made. They're very cute, but for $30 it's just not my cup of tea, and I will be canceling
on 1/22/2017
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I wish I could give this service 6 stars! Best subscription service I have encountered. They send me the greatest books and I love their little gifts in every box, especially the paw print stamp! S'cute! The box design is a treat in itself and I count down the days each month until I get to see that box on my doorstep.
on 8/16/2016
I have had a subscription for about 6 months and LOVE it! Every book has been amazing and I enjoy the hand written notes and gifts that accompany the books. It truly is like Christmas once a month opening up a gift that you love! It is the gift that keeps on giving!!
on 5/16/2016
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I have purchased this subscription for my grandchildren and it is such a treat for them to look forward to new books each month. The books are carefully selected and fit their interests and reading level perfectly. This is such an amazing way to share the beauty of books and a love of reading.
on 2/28/2016
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Amazing service! I originally got the service for my boyfriend, but I think I'm going to change the preferences so I can get books instead. They add such a personal touch to every box you receive. The team does such a great job selecting books for the reader - you can tell that they truly care about the customer experience! This is definitely a service I would recommend to others!
on 2/19/2016
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Such an amazing idea that I wish I thought of it myself-- it's like Netflix for books! They send you a new book every month based on your tastes and preferences. The packaging is always cute and heartfelt. It is amazing as a birthday and Christmas gift. The owners of the company are a couple of sweet, down-to-earth, and friendly people! I am very happy that I stumbled upon this service.
on 2/17/2016
Read Dog is a great service. I joined because I wanted to spend more time reading real books, rather than random articles or my social media feed every night. After taking the survey to share what type of books I prefer, I think they did a great job choosing books for me. So far they've sent three novels that I've devoured within only a few days! I also love that they include goodies like hot chocolate, tea, bookmarks etc in every box. Overall, it feels like getting a present from a thoughtful friend delivered once a month!
on 2/17/2016
I love Read Dog Books! It's a relatively new service that's completely curated based on your interests. Each month, your box includes a hand chosen book just for you as well as a few extra goodies. Additionally, you become part of the Read Dog reading community to discuss all things reading. Really great box that's very personalized.
on 2/17/2016