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On QBOXed.com you will find 3 different kinds of tea subscription boxes with delightfully aromatic and unforgettable tea blends. Each kind of our Q BOX is a different story, different moment and different meaning: 1.In Good Morning Q BOX you will find 5 teas, great for breakfast and starting a new day - full of energy, fresh and ready for action. Say hello with us to your new great days! Each month we provide you up to 90 cups of power and vitality in Good Morning teas (4x40g + 1x20g = 180 g net) 2.Five o’clock Q BOX is composed to give you a moment of leisure and relaxation after even the hardest day. In this box you will find 5 teas perfect for tea time, calm evenings and moments only for you. Drink and chill! Each month we provide you up to 90 cups of relax in Five o’clock teas (4x40g + 1x20g = 180 g net) 3.Teatox contains 4 teas that aid a healing process, cleanse the body and help to lose weight. Carefully selected ingredients stimulate burning fat, detoxification and have many more medical benefits. They will help you make the next step towards health and harmony in a natural way! Each month we provide you up to 70 cups of healthy weight loss in Teatox Q Box (3x40g + 1x20g = 140g net)

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