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Q Box is a lifestyle subscription box, which contains 5-7 full size cute items from Japan or Korea. There is not recurring bill when you purchase a monthly box, but the quantity is limited for each month. To ensure get the Q BOX every month, you can choose the prepaid plans for 3-month or 6-month. Shipping for the monthly box is an additional $10 to Canada.

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I recently got my Q-box and least to say I was very disappointed. The items were of bad quality, some of them dirty even. My Q-Box was suppose to have a theme of Sanrio's Little Twin Stars and be a back-to-school box too yet a few of the items were not school related and the ONLY item that followed the Little Twin Stars theme was not even a back-to-school item, it was some decorative sticker piece. Also, they said every monthly box will have a high-end jewelry piece yet my Q-BAG ( the package came in a bag, not a box) did not include such piece. I am very disappointed obviously not continuing my subscription.
on 8/31/2016
I'm sorry, but I would not order anything that comes from Asia right now. They don't have the same regulations we do, and with the radiation still leaking from the downed power plant, I won't buy anything from Japan.
on 6/30/2015
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I tried this box out for two months and I wasn't satisfied. The first one I got was "delayed" and when I contacted them they said snow had slowed delivery. Accept when I finally got it, the box didn't match what others had gotten and it didn't have a card listing what was in it. So it seemed like they threw some things in a box and shipped it last minute. The second box I got didn't have the same things again. This time it had a card. I didn't get the cute earrings and instead got some bangles that don't fit me. Needless to say, I'm not ordering another.
on 1/25/2015