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"Each month, we’ll send you 2 exclusive jewelry styles (up to a $65 value). They’re only available to Pura Vida Jewelry Club members, and they ship for FREE if you live in the U.S.!"

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Products are ok. Overpriced, but usually cute. Now for the negative: They WON’T cancel your subscription if you request it. It took me 5+ emails to get my subscription cancelled (the rep I was in contact with repeatedly danced around that request), I had to tell them I would do a chargeback on any future subscription from them and use my emails a proof. I had to do all of this through email because their system had trouble allowing users who had reset passwords to access their accounts. This issue persisted for over a week. There were other issues, and by week 3, I was done. I told the company and individual employees to stop contacting me, only to be told that I may have to block them on my end to prevent me from receiving emails from them….. So, buyer beware. I may be the unlucky outlier, but know that this behaviour is possible from this company.
on 6/22/2019