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"PS by JustFab is a brand new Personal Styling service that gives you unlimited access to the latest JustFab styles and a one-to-one styling experience delivered right to your door for only $20.00. PS by JustFab matches you with your very own stylist who will work closely with you to up your style game by selecting clothing items tailored to your personal style. All you have to do is complete your Style Profile so your stylist can get to know you better. Then, once you receive your PS by JustFab package, you have eight days to try everything on in the comfort of your home before deciding what you love, and want to keep, and what you don't. You only pay for what you keep so send back anything you're not in love with return it; it's that simple!"

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I went ahead and tried the box simply because it was not a month box. I could choose when I wanted a box. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can't afford to buy clothes every month. I filled out the questions and requested my box. My stylist sent me an email to introduce herself and then for men to check out what she picked. I chose what she choose as that's the fun for me. Trying things wouldn't buy myself. When my box arrived ( 3 days later which I thought was fast.) I Loved it! The clothes actually fit, looked great and were affordable. The material and structure of the clothes was Great! No cheap itchy fabrics. Yes, you pay a $20 styling fee for the box, but if you keep any item, the $20 is a credit towards what you keep. If you keep it all you get a 20% discount on your total order plus the $20 off. I would recommend this box if you like nice clothes, by can't afford to do a monthly subscription for them. If your pmus size (Curvy) like me, these clothes are perfect. If you want a referral code, let me know.
on 8/18/2017