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Prize Candle Club


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The Prize Candle Club is a monthly jewelry surprise candle subscription – every month you get a new featured scent candle, and once it burns down for several hours it will reveal a ring worth anywhere from $10 to $5000. The first candle in a subscription is $14.99.

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What I don't like is this company and others, stole this idea from a founding company and ripped it off. I will not support companies who do that. I wish I could remember the name of the candle company who started this idea of putting a ring in every candle.
on 7/11/2018
I was not impressed with the candles. I ordered from jewel scent as well. the candles fragrance just does not seem to last and you can get any random ring in a size between a 6-9. Jewel scent you can choose your size. I was also very unhappy with their customer service and products overall, but to each their own.
on 3/11/2015
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I could invite several more friends will I get the credit today?
on 2/12/2015