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Power Up Box is a subscription box that provides geeky, nerdy, pop culture, and gamer items. Power Up Box includes two different sized boxes, which hold a set number of items. A premium box which includes 6-9 premium items with a guaranteed monthly t-shirt. And a deluxe box which includes 4-6 deluxe items with a guaranteed monthly t-shirt as well. Each of these boxes can be purchased on a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month basis. Either of the 12 month plans include a bonus gift.

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Signed up with them about a month ago and I got their first month box which was great. Actually, over the weekend I went on a trip and the bag they sent came in very handy! Lucky me.
on 5/20/2015
Gary2 500x500
Love it! The Fabrikation I got was so cute! My son is in love with it and has been playing for the past month. I wonder what items will they send out this month... I tried to ask them on live chat but they said it was a secret. The excitement is building up!
on 5/19/2015
No Photo
I got their first month box and was very pleased with the stuff I got. I will be using most of the things on daily basis and I already read the comic, which was interesting. I hate receiving useless items so I’m really glad these all are use useful for myself at least. Hopefully the next month box will be as good as this one.
on 5/1/2015
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Just ordered mine today and can't wait for the first box! I found the review on mysubscriptionaddiction and the Batman Fabrikation is so cute!!
on 4/19/2015
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I got my first box from Power Up Box recently and I have to say that this company is worth every penny! I got so much high quality looking things that got me excited right when I opened the box. I used a few other geek subscriptions but ended up cancelling because they really send your moneys worth but since your paying so cheap they send you little amount of unsatisfactory items. I have a feeling this quality will be the same next couple months. I will keep you updated.
on 3/31/2015