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PokéCrate is a monthly geeky subscription box. Every month's box will include a plushie, and also feature a wide variety of Pokémon items, including shirts, booster packs, candy, out-of-print cards, and Pokémon merchandise.

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I signed up for a monthly Pokecrate subscription on April 27. I had a charge come out of May 7 for a crate but to date (May 21), I have received nothing. I have emailed and called 5 times to no success. I would not waste my time or money dealing with this crate service. Sad really because it was a crate I'm sure my 9 year old son would love but I feel like they're just a scam.
on 5/21/2018
According to their twitter, they will open up again for subscriptions in late April. I really hope so, I'm definitely willing to take a chance on it.
on 3/29/2015
Win 20150212 140622
This one has been out of stock for while. This one sounds amazing but I will never know for sure!
on 3/2/2015
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Website is sketchy and they will not let you sign up for a subscription. They are apparently "unavailable" for this month and all others after because you cannot even order for the future.
on 2/17/2015