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Toy Library (formerly Pley) is a monthly toy rental service. Starting at $24.99 per month, subscribers can receive 2 toys per month with an up to $80 value from their library of over 500 toys, which can be exchanged for new toys at any time. All toys and cleaned and sanitized before shipping and include popular and educational STEM brands like Lego, Marvel, Nerf, Hot Wheels, MineCraft, Disney, and more. Toys are available to choose based on your child's developmental stage and ability, for ages 0-12.

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Tagged in: Ages 9-12, Ages 5-8, Ages 3-4, Ages 0-2

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Terrible! Signed up for premium service only to find that they had a very small selection of toys available. Imagine if Netflix only had one copy of each movie! Tried to get a refund, but was only offered a credit for more of their non-existent service. Would give 0 stars. Avoid at all costs.
on 10/18/2016