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Spoiler Alert! Play! By Sephora May 2018 Box #750 FULL SPOILERS!

Each month Sephora will send you makeup and beauty samples, plus bonus extras like Spotify playlists, as well as “Play! Pass” coupons for in-store activations like one-on-one tutorials for the products in that month’s box.

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This is very disappointing! I keep getting boxes that I absolutely HATE! Has this company never heard of letting customers help personalize?? While I seem to get ONE meh product, the rest are things I would never ever use- and it doesn’t look like there is anywhere at all to change the trajectory of what I’m getting. I feel like I’m throwing away ten dollars a month!!!! Does it get better or should I cancel now???
on 5/5/2018
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I find that the Sephora Play is so impersonal, and does not show some of the awesome products that Sephora carries. I only did it for a few months, and cancelled because I was so disappointed in it.
on 4/10/2018
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My box was shipped late. Soaking wet, mailperson must have dropped in puddle, not technically Sephoras fault, but if they had wrapped the Box in a plastic wrap like a Allure, etc, does this would not happened. The products inside are super small and there was no perfume sample this month. I got two products that were for my hair, that is fine and oily to begin with, and these products were for dry hair, in my profile, it states clearly I have fine/oily hair. So they send me hair oil, REALLY!! I CANCELLED my subscription.
on 3/29/2018
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I agree with the previous review. Moreover, I was sent an empty perfume sample which never contained any fragrance at all since it was devoid of scent, and a sample lipstick in a horrible shade of red. I subscribed for 2 months and that was enough.
on 3/27/2018
This box has been getting more boring by the month, are u serious two red lipsticks for February! I just got March and it's awful!!!!! More mascara and cleanser. I want IGK! I want Murad! I want Fenty! Neutral sand foundation powder when I clearly put in in my profile that Im Tan! Ugh it's terrible! I'mma give this box one more month and then I'm freaking done!!!
on 3/16/2018
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Been very disappointed in the last few Play Boxes. I'm confused as to whether they even read our personal profiles. The Sephora lipstick color for March was a horrible purple color which for my skin tone and hair color was bad. I had to toss it because no one I knew would wear it. Also, another mascara!!! I may have to cancel if I don't start receiving some items that I can use. Too bad. Sometimes I think they include items that are just not selling!!
on 3/15/2018
Does anyone else have box number 884. There has been no spoiler for this one
on 3/12/2018
Sample sizes keep getting smaller and keep getting repeats . I've only been subscribed 4 months and ice gotten 2 of the exact same perfume samples, 2 mascara. 2 tiny eye creams, and 3 Sephora brand lip products. My lip product this month was microscopic 0.04 oz.
on 2/21/2018
What is up with my Sephora play boxes. They just have started the new year wrong. The sample sizes are rediculoisty small, like 0.13oz small. Really Sephora.... really! I never get a perfume sample anymore, the main reason I sub to play over birchbox. My play box is always the last i recieve out of all my sub boxes. I seem to recieve the lower value variation, there is always a high value box i dont get? Maybe they only give those to u tubers. Wish everyone got the same box, at least that would be fair! My last 3 boxes have bombed! What is up with that?
on 1/19/2018
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Maybe I just got lucky with my other subscription boxes, but Play! was just so disappointing to me; after a few months I only ended up with a few products that I actually like since the boxes aren't really personalized. The extra 50 points each month is what kept me on at first, but they're so difficult to redeem (I don't mind going to the actual store, but they never go through the first time) and it's so hard to get a good reward these days it's not even worth it. For a $10 "sample box" Ipsy provides a far better experience.
on 12/29/2017