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This weekly meal kit delivery subscription lets you select from a diverse, ever-changing menu of 20 recipes per week that feature responsibly sourced meats, sustainable seafood, and seasonal ingredients. They're also the only meal kit box to offer add-on desserts! Choose to receive everything you need to make 2, 3, or 4 servings of each meal 2, 3, or 4 times a week. Prices range from $9.95 to $11.95 per serving. If nothing in the menu appeals to you that week, you can skip it. Vegetarian, gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-carb options are available!

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I really really loved this box. They always had such unique dinner ideas, and it was a great bonding time for my husband and I. The customer service was excellent and generous if there was a problem. Unfortunately,we just could not afford to keep it. It really hurt to have to cancel.
on 5/14/2018
The price for this box is outrageous. For the amount you spend on this box, you could get an entire weeks worth of groceries and cook up a whole bunch of meals. We only got it because there was some sort of promotion last year, but we received one box and canceled it instantly. If you get this box thinking you're going to get your moneys worth, you're gunna to have a bad time.
on 12/8/2015
I've had plated for several months now and after my last shipment I decided to cancel my subscription. The items are fresh and easy to prepare but I've had 3 occasions where items were missing or incorrect. Customer service was helpful and they did give me a credit the last time I contacted them about an error. The final straw was while in the middle of fixing my meal, I saw the recipe called for Greek yogurt but I realized there wasn't any yogurt in the box. It was late in the evening and I was not running to the grocery store so it ruined my meal. You also don't save much time with meal prep. There is a lot of washing and chopping. I would get irritated when they would send a block of cheese and instruct me to shred it!?!
on 9/28/2015
I had a Plated subscription and I had a great experience with them. It does get a little expensive, but if you have the money, its definitely worth it. They were super easy to cancel and even easy to refund an order I didn't place and had forgotten to cancel. The recipes were great and you needed a minimal amount of ingredients from your own kitchen. I'd definitely have it again when I get extra money
on 5/17/2015
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I tried Plated several times but every recipe has taken twice as long as their estimate to make and they all seem to create a huge amount of dishes. I liked that the ingredients are clearly labeled and included many items that I would not have bought on their own. However, there is still prep time involved with many of the individual ingredients which adds time. The portions were also a quite small for the two of us.
on 4/9/2015
I had a very bad experience with I was supposed to receive my first box on 2/11/15. I received an email stating this, but they never included the shippers name or a tracking number. I live in an apartment, if I'm not home the courier will leave it at the club house. This is fine, if the courier leaves a note. They did not use UPS, FedEx or the USPS - right now I can't even remember the name. This company did not leave a note on my door telling me the delivery was made. I sent 3 emails, I called twice - both times I was on hold for over 15 mintues. The first time my call was dropped, the second time I was forward to a voice mail. I received my box yesterday after I hunted it down. Today, 2/13 - I still have not heard a response via email or phone. I've canceled. Hello Fresh is much better and I'm giving Blue Apron a try.
on 2/13/2015
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Very convenient service. Super fresh ingredients, recipes were simple to follow, but do take a bit of time and skill.
on 2/10/2015
I got plated for only one week. For the price I paid, I could get a lot more groceries to make meals I love, rather than ones I just think are ok. I had ingredient issues too. One of my tomatoes arrived smashed and the seasoning packets for one of the recipes was missing. I also feel that they should send the individual spices separately. I don't like my food spicy hot. But I had no control over the amount of cayenne pepper I added because it was already mixed in. Neither recipe wowed me, and for the price I can get better in town.
on 1/11/2015
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i tried a box with a coupon the food is very good the website its very hard tp manage and i had to cancel and redo to get my food choices most of the meats were sold out the customer serive was real nice i would oder again from thier webiste again only if they made thier website easier and thier they had discounts for reglars and more food choices dorothy
on 12/12/2014
This is my first review and I came to talk about Plated. My boyfriend and I absolutely love it. While the recipes are not family friendly (our kids would never eat this stuff) I love that the portions are so perfect and that he and I aren't wasting food. The meals have been fantastic. This is only my second subscription box and I think I'm hooked.
on 10/1/2014