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Pipsticks sticker subscription packs arrive monthly and are curated by professional designers in order to ensure that each pack is cool, fresh and child-friendly. Appropriate for boys and girls alike, it is the perfect subscription for kids, crafters, and sticker lovers of all ages. Each Pipsticks sticker pack includes at least 15 sheets of different stickers (puffy ones, sparkly ones, sniffy ones) as well as a few crafty additions to keep you inspired and keep the little subscribers from sticking where they're not wanted. Family and gift subscriptions are also available (you can purchase a gift subscription and set it to begin whenever you choose if you’re doing early holiday shopping). You can choose your subscription plan, saving money on 6 or 12-month options, or buy a single pack to try out before committing to a full subscription. Shipping is included for all domestic orders, however Pipsticks will ship anywhere in the world for an additional $3.

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I just started and in January, rather than receiving the January Pack, I received an 'introduction' pack. Its packaged beautifully and thoughtfully, the inserts and stickers are creative. I just wish they would skip the whole 'intro' pack and go right into the month you started in. I am looking forward to February and see what they offer/theme of the holiday. I also like that you can order separate packs on their site - one-off orders. I am currently at the $15 pack but I am considering the $10 pack - i really like them but only need so many every month.
on 2/3/2017
I’ve been subscribing to Pipsticks (the pro club classic subscription) for a few months now. So far, I am happy with what I’ve received. Most of the stickers have been pretty cool, but there have been a few duds. They claim to curate “amazing” and “unusual” stickers from around the world, but some of their stickers are very plain and generic (like pastel pink hearts). You’ll get about 15 or so sheets of stickers, but there’s no theme or focus to the sticker packs. Each month, in addition to the stickers you’ll also receive a newsletter, stamped postcard, and a card with a motivational quote. These are super cute additions, but I really don’t have a use for them. You’ll also receive a raffle ticket for their giveaways, the winner of which is announced in the following month’s newsletter. Everything in packaged in a pretty glassine-type envelope. I really do like Pipsticks, but I’m not sure it’s worth $15 every month. As much as I’ve enjoyed the stickers, I think I might cancel my subscription after another month or two.
on 1/8/2017