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PINCHme lets members discover and try free samples from the world’s leading brands! It’s 100% FREE - free products and free shipping! No credit card is required. All they ask for is your honest feedback on the products. Every month, on Sample Tuesday, new free samples are released on for members to claim. Enjoy a variety of samples. From beauty, snacks, baby, pet, personal care, cleaning products, and household items - there's something for everyone! It doesn’t stop at FREE samples. Members benefit from special partner offers, exclusive sweepstakes, product review opportunities, and other promotions.

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Not really a subscription box. It's basically they compensate you for advertising for them (by posting reviews, facebook, pinterest, etc.) by sending you "free samples". IMO it's difficult to qualify for anything interesting, but when you do it's a good sample.
on 6/11/2019
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I don't think this quite fits here. I joined PINCHme over a year ago and once a month you have to race onto there site to try and get samples, which you must qualify for. I qualified for cat food a few months back and I own a dog. I was on their site last week to get samples on the specified day and time and was told nothing fit my profile, but they had beauty stuff and dog stuff. I own a dog and have a face so how do I not qualify? Overall my experience is not a good one with PINCHme and It is not a subscription box.
on 8/20/2017
I have contacted them about my profile.When i first joined I got great products.Then all off a sudden they stopped .I did all my reviews.followed on twitted,Instagram,blogged,Facebook. Kept up with Tuesdays.All I was getting was various vaginal moisturizers?I know I'm 62 but come on.Recently I started getting all kinds of notices for them again.I did all my reviews on time in past. But they are not for me.
on 8/14/2017
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I signed up. So far my mailbox is getting quite abit of coupon/sample emails. The few that I went to the websites to sign up for would get all my information. Then page after page with a question asking me if anyone in family has diabetes or are you happy with your car insurance. Wish I had never signed up. I am unsubscribing from each email now as they come in. Not worth the hassle.
on 8/12/2017
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so it took about a year for me to finally get some things, they only gave me 3 samples youtubers make it seem like you get a bunch and get to pick from a huge list of things but i guess they pick for you. the samples i got weren't to exciting my first box was 1 can of cat food, ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid and Sensodyne my 2nd box i got ZzzQuil, Carbona Color Grabber & Carbona Super White and Orbit Gum. It takes about a month to get your box in the mail
on 8/2/2017
As others have stated, I filled out everything and the only thing I got was a statement that there weren't any samples for me. Does anyone actually get samples from this?
on 7/10/2017
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As others have stated, I filled out everything and the only thing I got was a statement that there weren't any samples for me. Does anyone actually get samples from this?
on 7/10/2017
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I filled out every question and went through the whole sign up deal and was told they had no samples for me . Like what decides or why am I or any other person more or less capable of doing a review on a sample then any other person ? Very confused. Do they pick ones that have long standing Youtube channels or review videos , I guess you cant get to that point if your not picked to try and review the samples to start with. Any suggestions or insight please let me know. Thanks
on 9/19/2016
20170426 094803 hdr
Love this sub! It's all free, they just ask for reviews of the products they send (they usually give about a month or so after the samples are received to do this). I've been signed up for four months and wasn't eligible to get samples two months, but both months they sent me an email to get a free years subscription to a magazine (the last one was Vogue) as kind of a consolation. I definitely recommend this sub and that if you do sign up, you are quick to order on sample days, they go super fast!
on 9/13/2016
Filled out my profile then they told me they had no samples for me because I don't fit their product partner profiles.
on 8/16/2016