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May 27, 2022
"Misleading and hides poor product reviews"
Petit Vour does stand behind their products and hides reviews that are not 5 star. I ordered a jasmine neroli cream that smelled nothing like any floral and did not absorb probably b/c of too much beeswax. I had asked for a return or exchange. Because I had been a subscriber and a buyer for years without complaint I expected a courtesy this once. They refused to even exchange the misleading and useless product. Stating they couldn't because it would raise their rates too much! so I left the product a review and to this day cannot find it. They denied my free speech so they can continue to mislead their customers. I haven't returned and will never return.
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May 5, 2022
"Do not purchase. Bad customer service. Does not value subscribers."
Dishonest and incredibly poor customer service. The first few boxes I purchased last year were good. Subsequently I started getting double of cheap sale products in the same box. This past month I got TWO gross smelling mini sample oils worth maybe $2, the "$75" serum is on sale on their website for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. Not only that, the serum was empty and the brush had some coagulated serum on it. I was also missing a product entirely. I immediately emailed PV after opening my box. When they finally responded, they told me I'd let the serum dry out (somehow within 15 minutes of opening it) and that it wasn't empty. Additionally they would mail me my missing item IN THE NEXT BOX. What? Horrible. I subscribe to another company that charges more but has amazing customer service that honours and values customers. Will cancel PV if they insist on being dishonest.
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Dec 22, 2021
"Have gone down hill, nothing but repeat products"
I don’t know what happened. Everyone used to get the same things each month, with some variation in shade or skin type. Ever since they changed that the boxes have been terrible. I’ve gotten so many repeat products it’s ridiculous. Not just the same brands or types or products, which could also use some more variation, but the exact same products. I contacted them and they said they’d make sure I’d didn’t receive things I’ve gotten in the past, but there might be occasional repeats. Nope, every single box. One box had 3 repeats in it. It’s a shame, I used to love this box. It’s like they’re just trying to get rid of a surplus instead of trying to introduce new products, which is not what I signed up for. This used to be a box where I was never disappointed, now I’ve been consistently disappointed for about a year, so time to cancel.