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Peach Dish


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Peach Dish is a weekly meal subscription box. Every week they send you all the ingredients you need to make one 3-course meal. Each week is $20 for and serves 2 people.

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The only reason I get this box is because we got a new stove and it came with it. It can be good, but the number of repeats is a bit irritating. Lobster Risotto has been on the menu for *way* too long at this point (over a month). That said, I've used the ingredients to supplement normal grocery shopping as well, which is good. And I've been introduced to some new things as well, which is nice.
on 3/14/2015
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I love that they have an app, dinner and a treat.
on 10/22/2014
PeachDish actually sends two meals for two people each week and the cost is $50, shipping included.
on 7/18/2014
It says on the website that subscription is $50/box.
on 1/5/2014