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Passion Box


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Passion Box is a subscription box from Fruits & Passion. They offer two different subscription options: Dare or Live. Dare features $70+ worth of new and innovative products from their line. Live features $70+ customer favorite products from their line.

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I think the value of both the Live and Dare boxes are fantastic! For a $39 (Canadian $) box, they give a great variety of items that exceed, sometimes by a lot, the value of the box. This month I calculated $59.70 worth of products for the Dare box and $73.45 for the Live box. And you can select your preference on both fragrance type and if you want to receive bath/kitchen/other goods at the time of subscribing (with the option of going in and changing preferences any time). The only thing to keep in mind is that, if you subscribe to both monthly boxes, there's a chance you could get a repeat item or two between the boxes.
on 4/16/2016