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Prepare yourself to receive a “Parcel of Terror” every month containing an assortment of handmade items that represent the horror genre in all its forms. From Lovecraft to Slasher Flicks you can expect a wide diversity of ghoulish goodies in each box!

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February 14, 2017
Oh Wow! Parcel of Terror I could talk all day about it honestly, the item featured every month are put together with such artistry and passion, they are a sight to behold in your hands. The owner Jason, is truly understands the process of creating one kind unique items that you won't find anywhere else but from a monthly Parcel of Terror. If you enjoy art and you enjoy all things horror related, you have to give Parcel of Terror a place in my life. I'm super pleased to have enjoyed every month so far of Parcel of Terror since the beginning and I'm always eager looking forward to the next month.
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February 11, 2017
this is by far one of my favorite subscription boxes. its different from any other one out there because everything is handmade. the quality of the work in the box is always incredible. im glad that i have these pieces in my collection to enjoy.
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February 5, 2017
This is the coolest box subscription ever! Each month, I get a new variety of horror related items. I have a Ghost Buster's Slimer pin which I still enjoy as I get strange looks I get when wearing it.. From cool art to an occasional story or two, even creepy candy and little sculptures, this box never fails to surprise and make me happy. Give it a try if you like horror. You won't be disappointed. Plus if you can't do it for a month or two (we artists and writers sometimes are very broke, lol), the owners never harass or push and it's super easy to rejoin. Lastly, they are super good with customer service! Because of these things, I will remain a loyal customer for years :-)
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