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"Papirmass is effortless inspiration for the culturally curious. We mail our members a new art print every month, featuring some of the world’s most exciting creative voices. It’s mail made fun, and a great way to decorate your home. We believe that art is for everyone. We help to make your home more beautiful and your life more interesting through the monthly delivery of a fascinating print."

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This is literally my favourite subscription ever! I love the art so much - it's made decorating really easy. My house looks so much nicer than it did before. The fact that there's an interview with the artist who made the print is nice too - it gives you a deeper appreciation for the art work. Definitely recommend if you are creative and value having beautiful things in your life.
on 11/27/2017
I really want to love this box. But I've subscribed for 6 months now and I can't say I display any of the pieces I have received (some I can't even give away). They are all different artists but they all seem to be the same style. If you like modern hipster, then this box is for you. I was expecting more of a variety of styles and mediums.
on 9/28/2016