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PageHabit is a book subscription service that features annotated book and exclusive content directly from the author. They offer seven genres for their monthly box: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction. They also have two quarterly subscription options for $49.99: Literary Fiction and Young Adult Fiction.

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I was In love with page habit. Not all the books were books that I would read but I tried them to expand my reading. The problem came when I had already signed up for their monthly and quarterly boxes. These are quality items so the boxes are not cheap. In one month the doubled my monthly subscription. I let them know I would not order two as I am only reader in house and ill, so I don’t get out. They refused to let me return at my expense, I suggested allowing me to return and for them to send a leftover box in another genre. No response. I explained that this was a luxury for my mental health and to please help but they did not care. Very sad because I never got past the customer service person and wonder if the owner feels this is a fair policy
on 2/27/2018