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Irresistible Japanese Treats Handpicked by Experts, Delivered Monthly – with Free Worldwide Shipping

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I was nervous about trying the box with some of the reviews on here but I was impressed with the new owner's service. I understand when he took it over there were some customer service issues which I didn't experience with my delivery. I received my box around two weeks after the shipping date which isn't bad from Japan and in any case I'm not worried about the lack of tracking as they've got a 4 week guarantee where they'll send a tracked replacement if the original goes missing. What I really like though is that the goodies ship direct from Japan and they have some stuff I haven't seen anywhere else. Pringles ramen anyone?
on 1/26/2019
Scam. Ordered a box 6 months ago. Still haven't received it. They said they'd send a replacement. Still no replacement. They also won't refund me. It's not my postal service because I've ordered other items online from overseas and everything has arrived just fine, most of the items ordered after the date of order for Oyatsu box, a few even from Japan. They provide no tracking number either, so I have no idea where my stuff disappeared to, if they even sent it at all. I would not recommend this to anyone.
on 3/12/2018
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Got a membership for family back home since I live in Japan and am sending them this stuff a lot anyway. The value is the best I have experienced. With what I imagine shipping is the 25 dollar box would have cost me around 2300 yen, going from the cost in my local convenience store. The boxes the items come in are a bit plain, but there is a full color leaflet and Japanese language flash card in it and since my nephews just throw the box away id prefer the cost is spent on this.
on 9/18/2017
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Buyer beware! I tried this box for 3 months. May's box was missing two items, which I was compensated for in the next box via discount. June's box arrived halfway thru July, and July's box has yet to make an appearance (it is now August 18th). The snacks were pretty good, the included description of each was also nice but I shouldn't have to inquire as to the whereabouts of my product every month to get it to arrive at my doorstep. I have since moved on to another "Japan"ese Crate.
on 8/18/2017
Oyatsubox has bad service - customers be warned. They shipped to wrong address (Billing address) and won't correct their mistake. I returned box as directed and they won't answer emails. Don't take chances with this company.
on 6/6/2017
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I am not subscribed to this box for a reason that they do not provide tracking no. to subscription boxes but i ordered their past boxes in their online shop which then, they provide a tracking information with an additional charge. Looking forward to receive some asian snack box. =)
on 1/6/2017