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Out of the Box Sampler


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Each month, Out of the Box Sampler puts together boxes filled with 17-18 different businesses' samples for you to enjoy. The boxes contain items like melts, scrubs, bath, body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, cards and much more, from various e-tailers on the web.

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I've ordered the regular and the small box. The products are mostly handmade wax tarts and soap.
on 6/30/2018
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You have to have a very high tolerance of scents to be able to open this box without getting a headache. Expect to let it air out for a long time before you can go through it. I got the largest size; I recommend starting with the smaller one if you do want to try this subscription. Why you would though, I don't know.
on 2/8/2015