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Our Little Foxes


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"Included in each Our Little Foxes box are the major elements needed to create the craft and activities for that particular month, as well as a booklet which includes the instructions and visuals to demonstrate how to create the projects. Each box will also include a merit badge themed for that month. You can sew these on to your apron to keep a record of all of the themes your Little Fox has explored! We like to encourage the use of household items, to help teach about sustainability and recycling, so each month we will also include projects that use items such as toilet rolls, milk bottles and so on. We will notify you ahead of time about what you need for upcoming months so you can save those items."

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Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Kids, Subscription Boxes for DIY and Crafting

Tagged in: Ages 9-12, Ages 5-8, Ages 3-4

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