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Oui Please sends you full-size products from France every other month.

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November 10, 2020
BUYER BEWARE, DO NOT GET THIS BOX! This company has NOT sent out a complete box to all its subscribers in 2020. They are actively advertising their boxes and collecting money for boxes they can't ship out because they don't have the money to buy the products. When you ask for a refund, they agree and say 7-10 days. After that they ghost you and don't answer any follow up emails about where you refund is. It took me 3 months to get my money back and I had to go through the Texas Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. I also filed a chargeback and OuiPlease denied my claim so my bank needed more evidence from me.
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October 24, 2020
Ordered back when the summer 2020 box was coming out, really liked the bathing suit they had in the box, here it is October or almost November don’t think I’ll be wearing a bathing suit anytime soon but then again still haven’t received the box! There was no problem charging me for the next box though!! I canceled and asked for a refund for the second box and asked if I’ll still receive the original box I signed up for since the order says partially complete whatever that means!! The second box says pending cancellation ok great HOW ABOUT RETURNING MY $300!!! Horrible service will never advise anyone to try this box! I did buy a one time only box the year before it had the clutch (if you could call it that) there were about 50 selections and I believe you were instructed to pick from the order you wanted maybe 3-5 choices don’t remember all I remember was the ugly yellow bag that I absolutely did not want no strap to make it a bag oh my bad it was referred to as a crossbody bag.. so after emailing them about getting the worst color possible and not any of my selections plus no strap I was told well it is as long as that color was in stock yeah as if all those bags let alone that many subscriptions were sold! I ended up with a chain in the mail for the misleading advertising! Great an ugly gold chain to dig into my shoulder with the ugliest bag possible not even a purse snatcher would grab that s*it! STUPID ME FOR GIVING THEM A SECOND CHANCE NO RESPONSE, NO REFUND, NO EFFIN BOXES!! NOTHING BUT THIEVES AND I WILL REPORT THEM FOR STEALING MONEY FOR A NON EXISTENT PRODUCT!! I HOPE EVERYONE THERE ROTS IN JAIL FOR ALL THE THIEVERY YOU'VE COMMITTED!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING FRANCE LOOK LIKE A COUNTRY OF CROOKS!!
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September 27, 2020
No stars highlighted in my review for a very good reason!!! After purchasing a one-time box (v 5.2) back in March, only getting a "label has been created" notification in July, a form letter (I got the same reply to three different emails), and still no box, I have requested a refund. Despite the pandemic and the hurricanes, I have ordered many items directly from France and french products through other companies with no issues whatsoever. I no longer trust this company and have zero faith that my box will EVER arrive. Truly a shame.
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