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Nonna Box is a box subscription that each month features a different Italian region and six of its traditional products from producers of that region. In showcasing each part of Italy, Nonna Box brings foodies closer to the country via its flavors, gastronomical history, and the monthly story of a regionally local Italian nonna (grandma) and her favorite traditional recipes which uses some of the products inside the box.

June 6, 2016
I have been subscribed to Nonna Box for 4 months now, so I think I have a good idea of how the service works. The quality of the products and the curation behind this box is superior to many other subscription boxes that I have tried. I did not find any of the products that come in the box at local supermarkets or shops, and I live in SoCal in the LA area. The products are all authentic Italian foods and each month different products are chosen according to the region of the month. The cards that complement the products are very well written. My family and I enjoy reading through them and learning about Italian culture and traditions. It definitely seems like a lot of time is spent on the selection of the products and of the content, and I love that each recipe comes from a real Italian nonna in Italy. I only had to contact support once because I was concerned about when my box was going to be shipped. Guido and his team replied to me quickly explaining how the service works and when boxes are shipped. I am really in love with the concept of this box and I would definitely recommend that you try it at least once if you are not sure about it!
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