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New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

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Anyone know why no deals applied when I went to their website to subscribe through the 30% off link ? It's still $29.95 for the first month.
on 1/26/2019
I’m surprised this is such an Underrated box. I’ve tried virtually EVERY woman’s and a few men’s Subscription boxes. Test tube is one of the few I have kept over the years. They consistently send high end high end products. If you break it up, it’s LESS than $20 a month. They have both quantity and quality. This is our skin, ladies! QUALITY:)
on 5/1/2018
I just recently took a chance on subscribing to the test tube and what a let-down... you guys please save your money subscribe to anything else other than this it was offensive what was stuffed into this triangle box. I have pictures to even prove the low grade condition that I was sent. When I reached out to Test Tube they ignored the pictures and the fact that they sent this type of box and the condition of its content to a First Time subscriber declining to take back the damaged materials saying they don't do that and refusing to refund my money all together only ignoring everything to say... They would just send another one... Big Big Big FAIL. You only get one chance to make an impression. It was disgusting what was sent out on only the 1st Attempt.. Get on the waiting list to boxycharm they will never let you down.
on 11/28/2017
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I have a year subscription and I purchased the New Beauty Test Tube Awards box and was very pleased with both of the boxes that I received so far. I purchased the New Beauty Test Tube Awards box after they sold out. At first it was frustrating wondering what was going to happen. I emailed them and they gave me to option of waiting until they could figure out what they were going to do with the 80 oversold boxes or they offered an immediate refund. I preferred to wait for them to get together another box. Finally in a month....I was so happy to receive the original box that they were able to put together. In the end I was super happy and loved the products. It was well worth the wait
on 10/1/2017
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They charged we twice in the matter of 5 days.. im not sure why & i emailed them sooo many times & no one will reply!! Im pretty irritated! Definitely $80 in one week & i dont know why they charged me again..
on 8/21/2017
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I just recieved my first box.. it was ok. Im not sure the price i paid for the stuff id actually use is worth it or not.. im gonna try it out for a couple more months since one box isnt really a good comparison to the other like 10 makeup subscriptions i have that i like...
on 8/15/2017
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Wow! I just received a complete flop Limited Edition New Beauty/Beauty Report box. What a scam! The promoted deluxe and travel sized items were actually tiny trial samples clearly labeled as "sample - not for resale". Many items are expired - notably the highest value items are past their expiration date. Customer Service is the worst! Rather than acknowledge the poorly and deceptive box - they require the customer to send photos and lengthy emails. A prompt and full refund is in order - but no response from customer service. Stay away from this company! I wish I had!!!
on 4/21/2017
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Hi @TestTubeBeauty I have been a customer for a short time. However, as of today, I won't be anymore. I joined in November after seeing your FANTASTIC November box with the heated hairbrush offer and I was so excited! Yay! I ordered right away! I received the box which was awesome, except.. the bronzer was smashed.. like all over the place. No big happens. I've been buying subscription boxes for a long time so I understood. But, hmm.. where was the brush? I commented on @TestTubeBeauty Instagram and Facebook pages and I received a response on the IG. Apologies from your company and we will get the brush out to you as well as a new bronzer. Great, thanks! It's now January 6th and I have neither. I've called, I've emailed, and still . . . nothing. I was billed for the January box and I just received it. Meh. I have to be honest and say that even if the January box blew me away I would still cancel. The way that I've been treated by your "customer service" company as well as the parent company rep I spoke to, and the fact that even after sending screenshots of the Instagram comments where I was assured that not only would the shattered bronzer (that I'VE PAID FOR ALREADY) would be replaced but WHERE THE HECK IS THE HEATED BRUSH? and the fact that I have neither of them - what kind of company is this?! There are hundreds of subscription box companies out there. This is NOT how you treat customers. Take note.
on 1/6/2017
Beauty tube hasn't been reviewed in years on MSA and I am floored! I just got my first tube (September, 2016) and I really, really loved it. It was full of "It's a Ten" products-full size shampoo, full size mousse, full size treatment plus three deluxe size shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that I can get at lease three uses out of. The tube must have really improved since 2014. The bad reviews surprised me. There was a not inside the tube that said the tube was getting bigger with more items in November, 2016! I can't wait.... Please put Beauty Tube back on your list of spoilers, reviews, etc.
on 9/25/2016
This was my first subscription box back in 2011. At first, I loved it because it was new and exciting. But after awhile, I started to grow tired of boxes full of brands I had never heard of, repeat products and things that I just wouldn't use. I liked the idea of a magazine subscription that accompanied the test tube, but in the end I just couldn't justify the cost for what I was getting. After about 9 months I decided to canceled. The cancelation process was unacceptable. After several attempts, I was final able to cancel my subscription. It took several phone calls and emails before a customer service agent finally addressed my request. With all the subscription boxers out there today, I can't say that I miss this one.
on 11/3/2014