All of NatureBox's snacks are made from wholesome ingredients and minimally processed – no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

NatureBox changed to a membership/club model at the end of 2016. Membership is $30 a year, which gets you access to buy snacks at members-only prices. You'll get $5/month credited towards your first snack purchase every month. You can cancel your membership at any time, and can subscribe to your favorite individual products if you like.

The Basics

  • $5 per month
  • Ships to US and Canada
30 day free trial

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The Basics

  • $5 per month
  • Ships to US and Canada

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NatureBox Gift Box Available Now + 12/24 Delivery!

How Do Subscribers Rate NatureBox?

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4.2 overall rating

User Reviews

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Aug 4, 2015
I just logged into NatureBox to get my free trial box (for $2 shipping). I learned that they have done away with it and that instead of receiving one full size product and 4 snack sized products, I'd be receiving 5 full size products (a full box) completely for free! I even got to choose my snacks! I didn't pay a dime in shipping and cancelled directly after on the website. I probably won't get it every month, but $20 isn't too much for 5 snacks delivered!
Profile image for jacoBrett

Apr 4, 2015
I've had a subscription to Nature Box for four months, I'm just beginning another subscription. To me, it's snacks are a bit pricey, but I'm quiet picky and so far I've only met a few snack that I didn't enjoy. Many of the snacks that I didn't hate, I ate in less than a few hours. The service is a bit costly, BUT food ain't cheap, so for those who HAVE to pay for groceries anyway, it costs about the same as snacks from Wal*Mart except it comes straight to your door (no hassle of grocery shopping,) (where I live) you can PICK what you want OR get a random selection, you can unsubscribe any time, and their snacks are awesome AND healthy! $/5 stars! :)
Profile image for Lydie

Mar 22, 2015
just tried a promotion with Nature's Box. As the Canadian site is not offering the same kind of subscription where you can pick what you want to get shipped, I didn't remain subscribed. I really enjoyed the snacks I did receive though.
Profile image for Jenny

Jul 23, 2014
Pretzels. That's enough to keep me subscribed. Their delicious, multi-flavored pretzels. Om nom nom nom nom nom nom......!
Profile image for Rachel

Apr 6, 2017
I subbed to Nature Box for a few months at the end of 2016. The value really isn't there unless you do the 5 snacks for $20 but I never got to eat them all before it was time to get another box so I'd have to skip a month. It's nice that if you don't like something, they'll replace it for free and you get to pick what you want in each box - I really appreciated that about them. I also appreciated that their food was healthy and tastier than other sub box healthy options I've tried. I ended up unsubscribing because I couldn't afford the $20 on food each month if half of it went uneaten. I also unsubscribed because of the lack of options. They'd say they'd have new food each month but it would be one thing in 3 flavors, or something similar to what they already had. The lack of options really bummed me out. Customer service was always extremely helpful and quick!
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Feb 18, 2015
I subscribed to Nature Box for almost a year. I loved all the different snacks to choose from. There were only a small few snacks that I did not like. The reason why I unsubscribed from them is that my local grocery store started carrying a lot of the same items so I didn't really need Nature Box anymore. One thing I wish nature box had was the option to pick and choose which months you wanted to get snacks. If there was a pay per month option instead of automatically being charged every month I would probably still be a member. Yes, I know that you can call or email them to put a hold on your orders for however long you would like but I wish that I could log in to my account and just pay for the months that I wanted them.
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Sep 24, 2016
I used to really love this box. They always threw in free snacks and would send me emails about receiving a new freebie. Now, it's all about the money. The price went up, no freebies and CS is not as available. This will be my last box after over a year... Sorry naturebox.
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Feb 10, 2015
I signed up for NatureBox and enjoyed the free trial box. I liked the individual packets. I still haven't tried the granola they sent in that box though. I just got my first full size box and they had to substitute three of my items because they were out of stock. I'm cancelling. Forget it.
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Jan 14, 2018
I had this box for quite some time, and loved it at first. However it lost its appeal and I didn't really see the value. As I tried more of the snacks, I discovered only a handful of favorites and kept editing the box. After a while I canceled my subscription.
Profile image for Shelli

Oct 20, 2016
I like the new naturebox club that is only $5 and you can buy the treats you want. As a single person, I don't need a large box of snacks, so this is now a better option for me. Thank you naturebox and I am back on board.
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