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Nail Art Society sends monthly nail art kits. Boxes typically include polish plus accessories and tools. The box is $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping every month.

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I was a member of this club and was wondering what was going on and I have come to learn that they don't exist anymore.
on 10/2/2014
I think they just shut down, but I subscribed and they charged me, i never received the box nor did the customer service ever respond to my emails. I was pretty excited for this subscription (I love nail art), so I'm bummed, don't subscribe, still looking for a good nail polish subscription.
on 8/27/2014
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DO NOT GET THIS BOX! I signed up for this subscription at the end of July and they billed my card immediately. I have no heard a peep from them since and I went to their website today to find out what was going on and my browser blocked it for being an unsafe site! I emailed the customer service email address that was one the invoice I received after they billed my card and I have demanded my money back. I gave them until September 2nd to do it and if they haven't by then I will be going to my bank to find out what can be done.
on 8/26/2014
No Photo
Any way to connect them besides email ? I received 1 box (which I enjoyed) charged for 2 more which I never received. I've sent a few emails - no response ... Very disappointed :-/
on 8/20/2014
This company promises 1 free trial box and then charges for every box that arrives after that. My first box never shipped and i had to follow up with customer service. In fact,. they CHARGED ME for the 2nd box before the 1st one even arrived #Unsubscribe
on 8/5/2014
I have had a horrible experience with this company! I had a coupon to receive a free box, which I redeemed. 5 weeks later, I have no box, but have a charge on my debit card. When I asked why I am being charged for a free box, they told me that they "forgot" to send out my June box, and that the payment is for the July box, which I should get soon. I responded that I should get both boxes, since I ordered one I never got, and paid for another I didn't want, but that since I am moving soon, I would just like a refund and to cancel my subscription. In the back and forth of it all, I told them three different times I did not want either box, I wanted a refund, because I was moving and would not receive the boxes either way. They responded today saying that they are going to mail out both boxes today, and I should receive them "soon". What part of 'I am moving?' did they not understand? I am not paying for that box, because I will not get it. I am moving in three days, that box will not get here before I am gone. I don't know what they are doing--I doubt if they know what they are doing--but this is way more of a hassle than I am willing to deal with just for some nail polish! And it seems telling that they "forget" to send my very first box, which just happened to be free. Had I not said anything about it, they would not have sent it to me. I guess the lesson learned is to be more careful about which boxes I subscribe to!!
on 7/22/2014
Beware this box! I signed up after their relaunch last year. The first few months were okay but they have been a total mess in 2014. In the past 3 months that I have paid for I have only gotten 1 box. While some boxes have been awesome they have all been horribly late and shipped at different times each month. The company currently offers zero phone support and rarely answers emails. I have been unable reach anyone in hopes of shipping my boxes or refunding money paid. I am now having to file a claim with my bank in hopes of getting a refund for items never received. Each month they charged me $16.90 total. Apparently their pricing changes often. I wish I had never signed up!
on 6/27/2014
Buster again
I've enjoyed my subscription to Nail Art Society and have gotten some great polishes like Floss Gloss & Jessica. The nail art such as a 3 gold charms, one that says "I do Nails" is a little out there for me. I did get a great long tweezer to pick up nail studs/rhinestones which I really liked.
on 1/19/2014
No Photo
I only got one box from this sub. I think there was an issue with shipping them because I didn't receive my October box until November. When it arrived I was underwhelmed. The polish was an indie (yay!) but it was very thin and runny. There were some cool gold studs and a pack of other nail "decorations". Overall I felt like I could have bought all the items I received for less than the cost of the box. Add in the awkward timing of the shipping and I decided that this was a sub I would step aside from.
on 12/7/2013