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Nadine West is a monthly styling service. Each month, they send you 2-4 items, usually a single top and matching jewelry, each in the ~$20 range. Keep what you love and send the rest back. Pay only shipping to receive your box - you only pay for the items you keep, and the cost of shipping will be credited toward those items!

Shipping: $9.78 shipping fee, which is credited toward any items you wish to keep

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    What does Nadine West do?

  • Nadine West delivers surprise outfits to your home to try-on before buying in your spare-time.

    How does Nadine West work?

  • 1. Take your style quiz and receive a surprise outfit catering to your unique style. 2. Try it on in your spare-time. Keep what you love, return what you don't using the included prepaid return mailer, which can be dropped right into your mailbox. 4. After ~10 days, you'll automatically be debited for kept items, avoiding the hassle of checkout.

    How much are Nadine West items?

  • As opposed to having items that cost upwards of $75 or $100, Nadine West items typically range from $10-$25. Price-ranges can be controlled from your profile.

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I LOVE Nadine West - I keep at least one item every shipment and the customer service is quick and reliable. I love that they seem to "Get" my style and I wish I could keep all the pieces sent to me. Some months it is very hard to pick out my keep items and what to send back! I tried this service skeptical but have kept it going because it is great, quality items. I would recommend this subscription to anyone!
on 10/6/2019
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I’ve tried other clothing subscription boxes, and none of them are as good as Nadine West! I left Stitch Fix for this, and I couldn’t be happier. The clothes are actually in my style, and there’s an awesome balance with the things they send, from casual to dressy, jewelry to tees. I’m super impressed!
on 10/4/2019
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I have been really pleased with Nadine West. I recently signed up for it and have received a few packages now but I feel like they are starting to figure out my style. One thing I definitely love about the company is the customer service. I had an issue with a package and I contacted them and it was dealt with immediately. For a relatively new company, they have great customer service! They care about their customers and want people to continue to be customers and I think that’s awesome!
on 10/2/2019
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I LOVE getting my pink packages in the mail. I look forward to it every month. I was very skeptical about joining a subscription especially a clothing subscription but I am so glad I did! My stylist is AMAZING, and I love every single outfit I get! I have received so many compliments on my outfits! Its nice knowing each month I will receive a couple new outfits and I won't break the bank. I highly reccomend Nadine West to anyone looking for cute outfits for an affordable price! -Kelsee B.
on 9/30/2019
I always find something to like in every package. In fact, there hasn't been one package so far that I haven't found something to absolutely love! I love the jewelry finds the most. You find things that look good and are relatively inexpensive. I don't know how you do it. What I also love is that if I don't like the way something fits, it's sooooo easy to return to you. I use the same packaging, put on the provided return label, tape the package shut and put it in the mailbox. You can't get any more simple than that. Thank you for everything that you've provided for me so far. I can't wait for my next package to arrive!
on 9/29/2019
Affordable pieces that are still trendy that I can pair with my existing wardrobe. Great for someone on a budget who still wants to try new looks and enjoys the convenience of trying things on at home. Have had 3 shipments so far and I'm hooked!
on 9/28/2019
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I absolutely LOVE my Nadine West packages! I hate shopping in stores because I usually don't find anything that I like. Whenever I send something back I don't care for, my next shipment is better. I always try to give good feedback about what I like and don't like, so I receive something different. Definitely affordable too! Most expensive item I've ever received was a dress, that I sent back because I didn't much like the color. I've purchased whole outfits for $40! Much cheaper than some of the other subscription clothing sites!
on 9/28/2019
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Nadine West has been a blessing wrapped in a pink package! I hate shopping and was stuck wearing clothes I didn’t feel great in but Nadine West sure changed that. I love adding the outfits and pieces to my work wardrobe because I am sure to receive compliments as soon as I walk in the door. The clothes look and feel great but they also aren’t ridiculously expensive!
on 9/26/2019
Chicken knit
I have received a couple shipments now. It was a shaky start but now I feel they are getting to know my style. Each new box I am keeping more items. The only real problem I have had are the pants. As a curvy gal, the pants have either been leggings or skinny style. Although I love them on someone else, they are not for me and are definitely more suited for a younger person. The tops have been super cute and now that things are being tailored to my style, I can't wait to see what's next. Today's the day to receive my next shipment, so fingers crossed! I need some new clothes! The prices of the pieces are pretty great too! Affordable and unique items!
on 9/24/2019
I’ve had about 4 or 5 subscriptions and I haven’t been disappointed yet! Even pregnant, I can keep at least 1 piece from the months package. All jewelry is amazing as well! You won’t be disappointed!!
on 9/20/2019