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Mystery Chocolate Box


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Mystery Chocolate Box is a monthly chocolate subscription box. Every month, you will receive 3 chocolate bars with their outer wrappers removed so the ingredients and flavors are a surprise. For every box sold, they donate 2 meals to chairty.

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This is by far the worst subscription service I've delt with, I signed up because I love chocolate of course, then aI canceled after I heard the horrible things about the company, when I went to cancel, they said "please contact the company, unable to cancel" oh wasn't that an experiance, it took over a week to get a response, and numerous emails. I was FINALLY contacted and was told I 'slipped through the cracks" isn't that pleasent? I asked for my money back, that's the only benefit, they gave me my money back.
on 6/29/2015
I went to sign up, and the shipping was almost $10! It says: Shipping and Handling $9.71 / month * Varies by month in order to deliver you the lowest shipping price. It says it's more expensive for people living in California because it's hotter, so it's understandable, but way too expensive for me.
on 3/30/2015