Mystery Box by Robyn Rhodes

Mystery Box by Robyn Rhodes


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"The Mystery Box by Robyn Rhodes Jewelry is a subscription box for jewelry lovers that sends you hand-made jewelry right to your door. You can choose between two box sizes: Mini (1 piece of jewelry a month) or Original (3 pieces of jewelry a month). Each box contains boutique, designer jewelry hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, plus a special discount inside the box. This is the most affordable and exciting way to collect Robyn Rhodes Jewelry. Robyn Rhodes' jewelry has been worn by celebrities such as: Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Alexa Vega, Scarlett Johannson, and Minnie Driver to name a few. Her jewelry has also been spotted on shows such as: The Bachelorette, Dancing With the Stars, Entourage, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Scandal, and The Voice. Prices start at $25.99/mo for the Mini Mystery box, and each Mini Mystery Box contains ONE piece of jewelry retailing from $50-100. Prices start at $59.99/mo for the Original Mystery box, and each Original Mystery box contains THREE pieces of jewelry, making the box's retail value from $150-300. You get to keep your piece of jewelry each month, so no worrying about mailing your box back!"

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