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Mysteries in Time is an exciting subscription box bringing history to life for 7-11-year-olds. Each month, subscribers receive a time machine packed with fun activities, all linked to a different period in history. There is an adventure story that follows the two characters, Max and Katie, as they travel back in time to solve a mystery. In the story, Max and Katie also receive a time machine through the post, so readers can feel like they are part of the adventure! Through a combination of fiction, non-fiction, crafts and fun puzzles, children will be inspired to love history! The first month is Ancient Egypt, where our young historians will encounter mummies, pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaohs and more! Future adventures include the Elizabethans, WW2, Ancient Greece, the Wild West and the Aztecs. The Classic Pack is £7.95 (+ £0.95 UK Postage / £2.95 US & Worldwide postage) and the Bumper Box is £12.95 (+ £2.95 UK Postage / £5.95 US & Worldwide postage). Worldwide shipping available.

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