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"The idea behind My Garden Box is a simple one: provide gardeners with a monthly box of gardening grins. We use our creative skills and plant knowledge to put together a uniquely themed box that month-to-month offers beautiful plants, creative decor, and a touch of fun DIY. Every box is gardener-tested and given the green-light by our own growers and gardening staff. We love all things plant related and we pack that love into every box we ship. Happy gardening!"

Shipping: US only; additional $12.99 for shipping

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I LOVE this box! Just a correction: It's actually $21.50 for the monthly plant box, plus $8.99 for shipping. The price on this page is $13 off! We've been delighted with both boxes we've received so far. My Garden Box is owned by Santa Rosa Gardens, a well-established mail order nursery known for their huge selection, and their experience shows. The first month we received a gorgeous "Heuchera champagne" (google it!) in a white and gold-trimmed ceramic planter, with champagne-colored glass soil topping for decoration. This month we received a "birds nest fern" with a ceramic and macrame hanging planter! I wish I could post pictures here because they are both so pretty, and are really tasteful additions to our home decor. And of course, every box comes with information and care instructions, a little baggy of potting soil, and a wooden plant tag. I can't wait to see what they send us next month.
on 2/17/2019