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The Style Box is packed with 3-5 items including tops, dresses, separates, shoes, jewelry, accessories or gift cards (Value up to $300). The Accessories Box is packed with 2-4 items including jewelry, accessories or gift cards. Clothing is not included. (Value up to $150). Every season is a surprise!

The Accessories Box is $55/season and The Style Box is $85/season. All U.S. order shipping is $7.95.

The Basics

  • $55 per quarter
  • Ships Worldwide
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Featured Review: My Fashion Crate Subscription Review + Coupon - Spring 2021

Review for My Fashion Crate Subscription Review + Coupon - Spring 2021
Brandi Dowell profile picture by Brandi Dowell on April 9, 2021

This box from My Fashion Crate seemed like it was pretty promising, but after trying all of the items, there are just too many little things that kept this from being a great box. First of all, the dress and the sizing issue was a big disappointment, then there was the finicky zipper on the purse, which I know will keep it from being the quick and easy bag to carry around like it should be. I'm also kind of disappointed that there were only 5 items in this box instead of the 6 that the other boxes have had. While normally that wouldn't be a huge deal if they were all big-ticket items, instead the smaller items felt more like they should have been bonus items in a box that costs this much. Don't get me wrong, I love that they included items from a small shop, but value-wise, they didn't add as much to this curation for me. This box costs $92.95 ($85 + $7.95) and the total retail value using a mix of listed and retail values came to $217.66 which sounds great, but I just wish I could get more use out of these items! Read more...

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The Basics

  • $55 per quarter
  • Ships Worldwide

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1.8 overall rating

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Jul 13, 2019
I just got my first box, and it was no good. The clothes are poor quality; the dress was shapeless and the buttons on the shirt wouldn't go in the holes. The accessories are okay, but nothing I would pick for myself and almost nothing I will use. I'm cancelling my subscription immediately.
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Oct 24, 2018
I just ordered for the first time. A lot of the packaging and branding looks like a Nadine West knockoff company, very dissapointing!

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